Streets of Buckhead

Architectural Solutions


The design project consists of various uses of Georgia Precast Solutions Insulated/Cast Stone Coat.*

The Streets of Buckhead is a retail shopping, restaurant and residential development in the heart of Atlanta's most luxurious district. In 2008, the project was put on hold due to the recession. The project was purchased and restarted again by Oliver McMillen in 2013. With the effects of the recession still very real, creative design alternatives were pursued. In this process, our Insulated GFRC/Cast Stone Coat*, was added to replace the original precast design. By using our lightweight insulated material, it was possible to keep the aesthetic of the building exactly as intended. Cast Stone Coat also provided R value to building, decreased steel and equipment cost, expedited installation and provided significant budget savings.

• Architect: Smallwood Reynolds and Gensler • Owner:Oliver McMillen • GC: Balfour Beatty • Installer: Jollay Masonry and Mulkey Drywall •

The Streets of Buckhead