Insulated Precast


insulated planter cutawayAt Georgia Precast Solutions, you may choose from any of Planter Styles. Many planters can be created with insulation and can be made in various materials. Planters can be used in many settings from pedestrian areas to patios, parks, streetscapes, storefronts and other outdoor venues. They are designed to be a long lasting, low maintenance addition to any project.

Perfect for rooftop patios, arid conditions and colder climates. Our insulated precast concrete or GFRC planters are designed with an insulation barrier. An answer to harsh weather conditions to protect plants in hot and cold climates. GFRC and Concrete will allow hot and cold temperatures to transfer from the outside surface to the soil, the larger the transferred temperatures the greater use of water or the greater chance for the root ball to freeze.

  • Reduces water by 35 –¬† 50%
  • Reduces loss of plants by avoiding root ball freezing
  • Earn up to 4 LEED points for water conservation. (W3c1,
planterchart-2Above testing was performed by an independent laboratory.

By insulating the planters we stop the transferring of these temperatures. Less water and fewer plant replacements minimize the impact on ecosystems and water resources. We believe that however small, every action taken to safeguard and restore the environment is significant.

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