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Georgia Precast Solutions (GPS) is a unique and versatile manufacturer of specialty Precast Concrete products, GFRC and Insulated GFRC/Cast Stone Coat.* As specialists in architectural precast concrete, Georgia Precast Solutions offers a unique blend of sculpting, engineering, mold making and manufacturing capabilities. Using traditional techniques and the latest technology, our mold making skills are preeminent in the precast concrete industry.

Small to Large Precast

Standard products include Planters, Insulated Planters, Columns, Copings, Fountains, Bollards, Picnic Tables and Benches as well as Architectural Ornament and more. We adhere to all APA and PCI production and QC guidelines. We have a standard line or can create anything on a custom basis. GPS has built and sustains our reputation by meeting our customer’s needs using tried and true techniques and modern technology.

From the largest custom projects to the smallest of artistic details, GPS is your superior source for landscape furnishings, lightweight architectural products, restoration resources and custom products. We focus on durable, low maintenance, energy efficient materials that create low long term operating costs. Whether you’re putting in a high rise, landscaping a park or renovating an historic structure, let Georgia Precast Solutions be the manufacturer that can help with all of it.

GPS constantly seeks out new materials to reduce costs, not only in our production but also on site. Working with Lightweight Stone Concepts, we have developed a product that weighs five pounds per square foot, uses an adhesive installation method, and can also have a mechanical connection in conjunction with adhesive. The adhesive bond will work with almost all of today’s building materials. Cast Stone Coat* is an ideal solution for trim work. It has a high compressed strength, good flex strengths and high tensile strengths. The product also does not require any heavy lifting equipment for installation.

The many different ways that model makers produce their art is one of the most intriguing aspects of the profession. Model making is by no means standardized. Today, laser cutters and other high-tech solutions play an ever-growing role in rapid prototyping, helping model makers create more accurate parts in less time.

* Insulated GFRC/Cast Stone Coat is patent pending.

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