Picnic Tables

Recess Can Be Added to any Table

Recess Can be Added To Any Table for Games


Picnic Tables shown with polished tops and seating surface. LSB on sides and legs. We can even have recesses built to inlay checker boards, chess boards, other games or even your Company Logo! GPS has standard designs you can choose to make for your project and also specializes in unique custom design as well. Please call us to see what we have to meet your project needs and bring your vision to life.

Our 8’ Standard Table set comes as one piece, needing no anchoring and no assembly. You can sit on any surface.

The Sexto Table set has separate seats so you can create seating clusters throughout project.


Picnic Table Sizes

Style A✔️ 60" X 30"D X 28"H
PDFStyle B✔️ 96" X 40"D X 30"H
Sexto GP25-TB✔️ Table top is 42”✔️ Seats 16” x 18” high