Custom Community Area Benches

Airfield Community Area Benches



Simple yet elegant at the same time. GPS benches come with a polished top and LSB on sides and legs. We can add recess for plaques or a charging station. Benches are freestanding with no anchoring required.  How many different configurations can you create with two shapes? The possibilities are endless. The image at the right shows curved and circular sections and how you can configure them.

You can even take “T” Benches made with a planter or without and set up interesting configurations in a landscape or park setting. You can choose from our many backless bench styles.

GPS has standard designs shown below you can choose for your project and also specializes in unique custom design as well. Please call us to see what we have to meet your project needs and bring your vision to life.

Let your imagination create unique shapes for your projects!










Style A✔️ 48" X 18"H✔️ 60" X 18"H✔️ 72" X 18"H
Style B✔️ 48" X 18"H✔️ 72" X 18"H
PDFStyle T✔️ 92" X 76"D X 18"H
PDFStyle T with Planter✔️ 92" X 76"D X 18"H
PDFStyle Wedge Long✔️ 72" X 24"D X 18"H
PDFStyle Wedge Curved✔️ 73" X 54"D X 18"H