Georgia Precast Solutions can produce any baluster or balustrade component to create your own custom balustrade design. Whether you are looking for a Victorian railing, a balcony balustrade, widows walk, or a stone balustrade, we are happy to create the perfect balustrade for your project.

Balustrade has been used to add enduring elegance to any porch, balcony or railing. GPS can produce cap rails, base rails, balusters and posts in traditional precast, typically yielding about 150 lbs. per lineal foot. We also offer a lighter weight balustrade system that can be used on wooden balconies that could not support the weight of the precast systems. This option is typically 75 lbs. per lineal foot. Installation is easier since the lighter weight can be placed by hand versus having to use heavy equipment.

We have several molds in stock or can custom fabricate to match any previously existing or simply create your own look. Balustrades are usually a height of 36” or 42” overall height. Call today to discuss your project with us.